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Next year EYE holds an international conference on the use of colour in silent films entitled ‘The Colour Fantastic: Chromatic Worlds of Silent Cinema’. From 29-31 March 2015, an international group of specialists will discuss the results of recent research into the use of colour in the years 1895-1935. The event includes the screening of a number of restored silent films. 

Hoos Blotkamp, former director of the Dutch Film Museum, died last Thursday in The Hague where she lived. She had been ill for some time. Blotkamp, a former senior official at the Ministry of Welfare, Public Health and Culture (WVC), succeeded Film Museum director Jan de Vaal in 1987.

EYE has discovered a lost masterpiece of British silent cinema, George Pearson’s Love, Life and Laughter (1923), starring Betty Balfour, Britain’s “Queen of Happiness” who was the most successful British actress of the 1920s, known also as Britain’s answer to Mary Pickford. It is one of the most wanted on the BFI’s list of 75 films. Only one other film by Pearson survives which makes this a particularly significant discovery.

EYE and the San Francisco-based National Film Preservation Foundation announced a partnership to preserve and make available dozens of early American films that have been unseen anywhere in decades.

In its recently published Collection Policy Plan 2014-2017, EYE describes how it intends to remain a forerunner in the area of digitisation and restoration through both its new Collection Centre in Amsterdam North and further digitisation of its collection. Click to read the Collection Policy Plan 2014-2017.

On Sunday, March 30th, EYE will organize a special day dedicated to recent and ongoing international film preservation projects, presented by EYE's curators team and international guests.

The day will kick off with the screening of the recently remastered version of Theo van Gogh’s Interview (2003, NL) in anticipation of a larger Van Gogh retrospective that will be held at EYE in 2014 (commemorating the 10th anniversary of his assassination). This screening will be introduced by EYE´s Curator of Dutch Cinema, Rommy Albers, and will be subtitled in English.

In the spotlight

In the spring of 2012 EYE moved into its new location on the northern bank of the river IJ.

EYE International’s goal is to generate both cultural and commercial interest in Dutch films abroad in order to strengthen the position of Dutch film on the international market.

Internationally, EYE is a pioneer in the restoration and digitalisation of film.

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