Circo Togni Performance

Circo Togni Performance ()

60 min

EYE opens on 5 April with Found Footage: Cinema Exposed. The exhibition and parallel film programme show how artists and filmmakers make use of the inexhaustible reservoir of images that can be found in film archives, on the internet, on TV and DVD.To add lustre to the opening of the exhibition, the Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia archive will form part of an installation/performance featuring live music from jazz improvisation ensemble Available Jelly.

The archive consists of an extraordinary selection of 8mm home movies made in Bologna by the Togni family, a dynasty of famous circus artists, that were shot from the early 1940s up until the 1970s. They were discovered in a terrible state in a circus wagon in 2006.

Behind the camera is circus legend, Darix Togni, a lion and tiger tamer. He circles his enormous family – children, women, men and various animals – and is always on the move; the circus never stops. The 8mm cameras also focuses on special family moments, with parties, games and trips to the Italian coast.

"The films were found in a circus wagon. They were in such bad condition that, in the beginning, it was impossible to project them. They were all glued together and completely covered in damp, mould and dust. However, thanks to new cleaning techniques, we managed to save nearly all of them. And the images appeared again in all their brightness." (Associazione Home Movies – Archivio Internazionale del Film di Famiglia, La Camera Laboratorio Ottica)".

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