Imagine - Mars et Avril

Imagine - Mars et Avril Martin Villeneuve (CA 2012)
Language: French, subtitles: English
90 min - IMAGINE

Montréal, the future. Elderly jazz musician Jacob Obus still draws in audiences with his mesmerizing performances, playing instruments based on female models, designed by his much younger partner Arthur. The latest model, intriguing artist Avril, entices both Arthur and the old Obus.

In the resulting love triangle, Obus is ultimately victorious. The old musician appears to be in love for the first time in his life. But then Avril is accidentally teleported to Mars, where the first manned mission just happened to land.

In the universe of Martin Villeneuve, who with Mars et Avril adapted his own graphic novel, discovering new worlds in the cosmos is identical to exploring the inner world. The result is a unique blend of philosophical science-fiction and fantasy, with a big romantic heart. And all of that cast into an original, magnificent design. The Walloon cartoonist François Schuiten is responsible for the production design, in which he got to indulge his love of fanciful architecture by reshaping Montreal into a futuristic metropolis.

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