Flying A Studio in Santa Barbara

Mary Miles Winter in Innocence of Lizette (1916)

EYE is participating to the centennial anniversary exhibition of the Flying A Studio at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum.

The Flying A exhibition will focus on the studio’s influential and prolific operation in Santa Barbara between 1912 and 1921, when nearly one thousand silent films were made by the studio before it was closed. The exhibition features original Flying A artifacts, documents, photographs and a selection of original Flying A silent films (from January 26 through August 19, 2012). From the EYE collection, Innocence of Lizette (1916) starring Mary Miles Minter and A Joke on Jane (1914) starring Margarita Fischer are presented.


On February 25, UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) will screen the film from the EYE collection Man With The Movie Camera in a special programme on Dziga Vertov.



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