Submarine Channel Presents: UNSPEAK - Words Are Weapons

Submarine Channel Presents: UNSPEAK - Words Are Weapons ()

90 min - Submarine Channel Live

The Dutch crossmedia channel for innovative new media productions, Submarine Channel in collaboration with EYE presents a programme about the manipulation of words.

Based on British journalist Steven Poole’s intriguing book of the same name, Unspeak is a  brand-new iDoc by Submarine Channel that reveals the unspoken messages and obscured meanings behind familiar media terms such as War on Terror, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Climate Change, File Sharing, Austerity Measures, Erectile Dysfunction, or the Dutch word Kopvoddentax.

Through a radical collage of archive footage, quotes, and Steven Poole’s own enlightening analyses, Unspeak visualizes how language is manipulated to suit political agendas, smuggling persuasion into description. A preview of the six films, a demonstration of the website and a special live column by Steven Poole himself.

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