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  • Friday 24 November 2017

    New Artist and Scholar-in-Residence program in EYE Collection Centre

    EYE Filmmuseum celebrates the 70th anniversary of its collection with the creation of a new Artist and Scholar-in-Residence program in the EYE Collection Centre. As of 2017, this initiative welcomes invited artists and scholars to explore and creatively reuse archival material within the EYE collection. The residence program is by invitation and enables a guest artist and a guest scholar to...


  • Monday 6 November 2017

    Mieke Bal gives her entire body of work to EYE

    Mieke Bal has given her entire body of work, consisting of films, installations and film related material, to the EYE Collection. The world-renowned cultural theorist, filmmaker, video artist, Professor Emeritus in Literary Theory and founding...

  • Monday 30 October 2017

    New Traineeship EYE & Haghefilm Digitaal Film Restoration

    In November 2017, a new joint Film Restoration traineeship program between EYE Filmmuseum and Haghefilm Digitaal will begin. The first trainee selected is Tulta Behm. This traineeship program, an addition to the academic activities of EYE, gives...

  • Wednesday 4 October 2017

    Book Launch “Images of Occupation in Dutch Film" by Wendy Burke

    On Friday October 13, 15:30 – 17:45pm, EYE Filmmuseum and Amsterdam University Press organize a book launch to introduce Wendy Burke’s forthcoming book “Images of Occupation in Dutch Film: Memory, Myth, and the Cultural Legacy of War”. Burke, a...

  • Thursday 18 May 2017

    EYE International Conference presents "The Reel Thing"

    From Saturday May 27 to Tuesday May 30, the annual EYE International Conference takes place at EYE. This year, the conference will host for two days a special 40th edition of the technical symposium The Reel Thing. Founded and curated by Grover...

  • Wednesday 5 April 2017

    Research project on animation artwork in EYE Collection Centre

    In the EYE Collection Centre, the project ‘Materials in Motion’ has started, a two year research project into a possible conservation strategy for analogue Dutch animation artwork from the period 1930-2000. In the EYE Collection Centre, the ...