Book Launch “Images of Occupation in Dutch Film" by Wendy Burke

4 October 2017

On Friday October 13, 15:30 – 17:45pm, EYE Filmmuseum and Amsterdam University Press organize a book launch to introduce Wendy Burke’s forthcoming book “Images of Occupation in Dutch Film: Memory, Myth, and the Cultural Legacy of War”.

Burke, a Teaching Fellow in Culture and Media at King's College London, considers film and media from an interdisciplinary perspective and embraces film and history, culture, identity and memory, representing the past in film, and cultural legacies of war and occupation.

The German occupation of the Netherlands during World War II left a lasting mark on Dutch memory and culture. This book is the first to explore depictions of that period in films made a generation later, between 1962 and 1986. As Dutch public opinion towards the war altered over the postwar decades, the historical trajectory of Dutch recovery and reconstruction-political, economic, and, most complicated of all, psychological-came to be revealed, often unconsciously, in the films of the period.

The book launch will include words by EYE programmer Leo van Hee and commissioning editor of Amsterdam University Press  Maryse Elliot; Film fragments and a Q&A with author Wendy Burke by WWII historian David Barnouw;  an introduction to the screening of the war film “Zes Jaren” by EYE curator of Dutch Film Rommy Albers. If you are interested in this event we also urge you to join the evening screening of “Het meisje met het rode haar” on the same night with introductory words by Wendy Burke.

Burke’s publication is the thirteenth book of the Framing Film book series, a series dedicated to theoretical and analytical studies in restoration, collection, archival, and exhibition practices in line with the existing archive of EYE Filmmuseum.

For more information on the book launch and to purchase a ticket online click here.
For more information on the screening of “Het meisje met het rode haar” and to purchase tickets online click here.


Book launch 15:30 – 17:45
•    Words of welcome from Leo van Hee, programmer EYE Filmmuseum and Maryse Elliott, commissioning editor Amsterdam University Press
•    Film fragments and Q&A with author Wendy Burke by WWII historian David Barnouw
•    Introduction by Rommy Albers, curator Dutch Cinema, EYE Filmmuseum to the screening Zes Jaren (Six Years; Hein Josephson; NL 1947; 29 min; no English subtitles)
Evening screening 19:00 – 21:00
•    Screening “Het meisje met het rode haar” (The Girl with the Red Hair; Ben Verbong; NL 1981; 113 mins; no English subtitles) with introduction by Wendy Burke