Eye in Buenos Aires: book presentation and masterclass

Spanish translation of the revised edition of From Grain to Pixel

21 August 2019

Ten years ago, From Grain to Pixel. The Archival Life of Film in Transition by Eye’s Chief Curator and UvA Professor Giovanna Fossati was published, a book that became a standard reference in the world of film archiving and restoration. The Spanish translation of the revised edition of this book will be premiered on Wednesday 21 August in Buenos Aires, with Fossati present. Fossati will also be present at the screening of Nicholas Ray’s experimental film We Can’t Go Home Again; Eye shared responsibility for its restoration.

The Spanish translation, published by Imago Mundi, will be presented in the Centro Cultural Recoleta. The 2009 English-language edition was the first of a book series entitled Framing Film, a partnership between Eye and the academic publishers AUP.

Newest developments

In From Grain to Pixel Fossati examines the impact of digital technology on the preservation, restoration and presentation of film heritage. The new, revised edition gives film academics, restorers and archivists insight into the newest developments in the digital preservation and management of film heritage, while the translation also brings Fossati’s standard reference work into view for the Spanish-speaking world.

A remarkable experiment

The book presentation will be accompanied by panel discussions including Fossati and professional colleagues from South America.

The UvA’s Professor of Film Heritage and Digital Film Culture will also give an introduction to the screening of the digitally restored, seldom-shown We Can’t Go Home Again (1973) by Nicholas Ray in the Argentinian film academy ENERC. This remarkable experiment with different film formats and split-screen techniques was restored in 2011 by Eye and the Film Academy Archive.

Fossati will make working visits to the Museo del Cine and the Argentinian Film and Radio Archives in Buenos Aires, as well as giving a masterclass at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín.