EYE in Nicosia, highlighting Dutch Experimental Film Collection

frans Zwartjes, Film II (1967) recently rediscovered, now restored

12 June 2017

A number of films by Dutch experimental filmmakers from EYE’s collection will be screened at the IVAC Festival taking place in Nicosia, Cyprus from 14-20 June. D.I.Y. [Dutch It Yourself] Experimental Films in the Netherlands brings work by some twenty filmmakers, from  Frans Zwartjes’ recovered Film II of 1967 (international premiere) to Falling Frames (2015) by Johannes Langkamp.

The Images and Views of Alternative Cinema (IVAC)  presents films by Dutch experimental filmmakers in two programmes, ‘Perpetuum Mobile’ and ‘Mind Scapes’. Together they offer an overview of the diversity of Dutch experimental cinema, characterized by the IVAC curators as having a strong and persistent Do It Yourself mentality. It is this same mindset that has led to versatile film productions in which dry humour, a focus on the materiality of film and the suggestive wealth of abstract animation figure prominently.

D.I.Y. [Dutch It Yourself]  Experimental Films in the Netherlands has been put together by Christopher Zimmerman and Pascal Richard in collaboration with Simona Monizza, curator of Experimental Film at EYE. Monizza will be present at the screenings in Nicosia and will talk with Zimmerman and Richard about EYE’s experimental collection and the restoration of Frans Zwartjes’ recovered film Film II (1967), which will premiere internationally at the IVAC festival.

Click here for an interview with Simona Monizza by Richard and Zimmerman. 

films featured in the programme

Wim van der Linden / Wim T. Schippers / Willem de Ridder:Tulips (1966); Paul de Nooijer / Jerry Musser:Touring Holland by Bicycle (1981); José Vonk Tweeluik 1—Dutch Light (2004); Frans Zwartjes: Film II5 (1967); Janica Draisma: Bala II (1993); Paul de Nooijer / Jerry Musser: Automaddix (1982); Jan Ketelaars: Katarakt (1978); Karin Wiertz / Jacques Verbeek: The Case of the Spiral Staircase (1981); Barbara Meter: Penelope (1994); Bart Vegter: Space-Modulation (1994); Shinkichi Tajiri: The Vipers (1955); Elsa Stansfield / Madelon Hooykaas: Daydreams (1972); Frans Zwartjes: Spectator (1970); Barbara Meter: Song for Four Hands (1970); Joost Rekveld: #11, Marey – Moire (1999); Martha Colburn: Skelehellavision (2002):Jeroen Eisinga: Sehnsucht (2002); Johannes Langkamp: Falling Frames (2015).