EYE launches its first virtual location

18 May 2016

You can now visit EYE Filmmuseum not only in Amsterdam, but also at home on the sofa. With the specially developed EYE VR tour, you can pay a virtual visit to EYE for free. 

The EYE VR tour

Thanks to the EYE VR tour, the film museum is now open day and night. At least virtually: the EYE VR tour presents a 360° tour of the museum building. The tour is in English, and is presented by a virtual guide and a narrator. Take a look at our various cinemas, or admire the spectacular view over the IJ. To keep the threshold as low as possible, the EYE VR tour can be experienced on most smartphones, and has been optimized for Cardboard viewers. 

EYE VR app & Cardboard

The tour is available via the EYE VR app. You can download this new app for free from the App Store [link] or Google Play [link], and is suitable for both iOS and Android devices. As a bonus feature, the app also includes the filmic experiments that were created by upcoming talent during EYE’s MovieZone Talent Day, which were filmed using a 360° camera. The ambition is that the EYE VR app will grow into a platform for more virtual reality experiences, with new content being added regularly. An exclusive EYE-branded Cardboard viewer is for sale in the EYE shop for €14.95.


Ever since the Lumière brothers invented film, the medium has constantly been driven forward by technological developments, such as colour and sound film, or digital visual effects. EYE sees virtual reality as an exciting next step. With EYE having just held the first virtual-reality film festival last month, in the form of the Kaleidoscope World Tour, it's now time to launch our own VR app. EYE Filmmuseum presents and cherishes not only the cinema of the past, but also looks ahead to the future of the film medium.

“Experimenting with innovative presentation forms, and responding to new ways of filmmaking and storytelling, form one of EYE’s key priorities in the coming years”, said EYE CEO Sandra den Hamer. “Having our own VR app is a very valuable way for us to keep up with VR’s potential for film art, and it also takes our audience along on this journey of discovery”.

The EYE VR tour and app are initiatives of EYE.
Design and technical realization of the VR app: VR OWL
Production of the EYE VR tour: VR OWL