Films from Desmet collection at largest festival for silent film in Pordenone

3 October 2014

The now largest film festival for silent film Giornate del Cinema Muto is held for the 33th time in the Italian city of Pordenone, from 4-11 October. This year EYE  is present with a total of 19, mostly short films, many from the unique Desmet collection.

For the fourth year in a row EYE presents its own slot in Pordenone, dedicated to a selection of Desmet films: 'Driven! The Desmet automobile show' is the title of this edition, which contains ten short films selected by EYE curator Elif Rongen.

Other EYE movies can be found in the tribute program "The Barrymore's" (Lionel, Ethel and John, grandfather of Drew), "The Dawn of Technicolor" on color in the 20s, and" Rediscoveries & Restorations".

The complete program can be found here and here.

All EYE films in Pordenone

-‘The Barrymore’s’ : The Master Painter (USA, 1913), The Strong Man's Burden (USA, 1913)
-‘The Dawn of Technicolor’: Bits and Pieces 175 - A Prism (1930?), Choo-Choo Jazz (NL, 1932), Most Beautiful Fans in the World (FR,1929), Coloured Views from the Entire World (FR, 1913-1929)
-‘Driven! The Desmet automobile show’: Les Gorges de Sierroz (FR, 1913), Panne d'auto (I, 1912), Les débuts d'un chauffeur (FR, 1906), Les Pyrenées pittoresque (FR, 1909), Auto di Robinet (I, 1911), L’automobile della morte (I, 1912), Zigoto promene ses amis (FR, 1912), Robinet chauffeur myope (I, 1914), The Jewel Thieves Outwitted (UK, 1913), Léonce flirte (FR, 1913)
-‘Rediscoveries & Restorations’: The Last Edition (USA, Emory Johnson, 1925), Whoozit (USA, 1928)