Inaugural lecture Film Heritage Beyond the Digital Turn by EYE chief curator

Giovanna Fossati (photo: Sebastiaan ter Burg)

25 October 2016

Professor Giovanna Fossati, chief curator at EYE Filmmuseum, will officially accept the position of Chair in Film Heritage and Digital Film Culture with her inaugural lecture, entitled Film Heritage Beyond the Digital Turn, on Friday 28 October at 4 PM in the Auditorium of the University of Amsterdam.

In her speech, Fossati will explore the impact of digital technology on the preservation, restoration and accessibility of film heritage. Fossati argues that film will continue to exist in the transition to digital, and that the tradition of photographic film lives on in today’s digital culture. Film culture has even become more vibrant for a variety of reasons, provoking increasing interest in the young discipline of Film Heritage as an area where the past and present of film come together organically, and where theory and practice go hand in hand. Admission to the Auditorium is open to the public.

The Chair in Film Heritage and Digital Film Culture at the Faculty of Humanities has been established by EYE and the UvA to bridge the gap between the film restoration practices at EYE and academic research at the UvA. Such a dual position of professor and chief curator is exceptional within the international world of film archives. More information about the collaboration with the UvA and the academic activities of EYE is available here.