Mieke Bal gives her entire body of work to EYE

Mieke Bal (photo Roberto Conciatori)

6 November 2017

Mieke Bal has given her entire body of work, consisting of films, installations and film related material, to the EYE Collection. The world-renowned cultural theorist, filmmaker, video artist, Professor Emeritus in Literary Theory and founding director of the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA), has collaborated with EYE and followed its activities over the past years.

On the decision to donate her work to the EYE collection, she comments:

EYE Filmmuseum appeals to me because of its integration of museal experiments, programming of films including international experimental ones, and its utterly serious conservation work. My work fits all three of these angles, and so I know it is in excellent hands and I hope it will be more visible."

Mieke Bal’s collection includes all of her films, her installations such as Anachronisms (2010, part of The Mère Folle Project) and Nothing is Missing, as well as miscellaneous items relating to her film and art practice like scripts, photographs and story boards.

Bal’s films and installations are experimental, subversive and critical and EYE is committed to making this collection accessible as well as to ensure its long-term preservation.

Her films A Long History of Madness (2011), Madame B (2013), and Reasonable Doubt (2015) are available at the EYE shop in DVD box-sets, each consisting of two disks and a booklet.