New Traineeship EYE & Haghefilm Digitaal Film Restoration

Tulta Behm, the first trainee

30 October 2017

In November 2017, a new joint Film Restoration traineeship program between EYE Filmmuseum and Haghefilm Digitaal will begin. The first trainee selected is Tulta Behm.

This traineeship program, an addition to the academic activities of EYE, gives the opportunity to a Masters graduate to experience the professional field of film restoration by allowing the trainee to receive on-the-job training under the guidance of experienced curators, restorers, scanning operators, digital film specialists and other skilled professionals.
The paid traineeship, which lasts for 10 months, consists of two parts. In the first seven months, the candidate will rotate among various departments and acquire a broad, all-round knowledge of the work in analogue and digital film restoration in both organizations. This includes aspects of analogue and digital film processes, such as: film identification, film reconstruction, film repair, scanning, film developing, quality control and sound restoration. In the last three months, the trainee will specialize according to a field of her interest. Throughout the program, the trainee will work with material from the EYE collection.
Tulta Behm is an alumna of the MA Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image at the University of Amsterdam. For her, the traineeship follows internships at Cineric Inc. (a commercial restoration laboratory), Cinemateca Portuguesa – ANIM (a laboratory within an public archive), and Image Permanence Institute, IPI (a preservation research center). When asked to comment on why she chose to apply to this new program Tulta explains:

“With the combination of digital and photochemical restoration procedures undertaken at EYE and Haghefilm Digitaal, I will benefit from training in new, traditional and hybrid techniques that will ensure our ability to create stable and dynamic copies of archive titles in future. EYE Filmmuseum and Haghefilm Digitaal's restoration projects demonstrate the incredible results that can be achieved by embracing the innovative potential latent within these different technologies. For these reasons I am excited to be the first joint trainee.”

With this traineeship, EYE and Haghefilm aim to build a bridge between academic (theoretical) training and daily practices, going one step further from the already existing efforts such as internship and workshop programs. The traineeship is designed to educate a new generation of film restorers, seeking to facilitate their transition into the labor market.
The program is financially supported by the Netherlands Film Fund.