UNESCO World Audiovisual Heritage Day on Thursday, October 27

Bloedgeld (GB/NL), Fred Goodwins, 1921, Granger-Binger-film

21 October 2016

EYE has a brand new Collection Centre. Are you curious about what happens there? This is your chance to find out. On the UNESCO World Audiovisual Heritage Day, EYE will show you everything that’s involved in preserving and restoring the fragile heritage of film.

Come to the EYE Collection Centre at Asterweg 26 in Amsterdam Noord on October 27, the UNESCO World Audiovisual Heritage Day.

From 12:00 to 16:30, you’ll be able to attend various presentations and activities:

film  screenings

The Collection Centre has its own cinema, where a program full of special film conservations will be screened:

- Dutch Types (Unknown, 1915 [?], Gaumont (France))
- Danse des Ouled-Naïls; Danse du ventre; Danses Algeriennes (Unknown, 1902, Pathé Frères (France))
- Buona sera, Fiori! (Giovanni Vitrotti, 1909, Ambrosio (Italy))
- Olympische Spelen (Wilhelm Prager, Jules Perel, 1928, Istituto Luce (Italy))

scanning and restoration demonstrations

See how a film is digitized, and find out what kind of processing takes place in order to repair damage, or to restore colour.

depots and archival activities

Take a look at the so-called ‘high depot’; there will also be an explanation of collection items that are related to projection and film equipment.

tour of EYE Study

Since its opening in early October, EYE Study has quickly become the best place to do research on Dutch film culture, and on the EYE collection in particular. You will have access to the largest film library in the Netherlands, and you can also watch all of the digitized films from the collection. But there’s much more than that: take the tour!

free admission

This open day offers an opportunity to take a look at the new home of the EYE collection, as well as the various depots, studios, and offices. Our specialists will be on hand to answer your questions about film and film-related heritage.

Admission is free, and reservations for this afternoon are not necessary.

EYE Collection Centre: 



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