Xtended: new series with VR work by Laurie Anderson, Marina Abramović and Tsai Ming-liang

Marina Abramović in Rising, on show in november (2018, Acute Art VR)

26 March 2018

EYE is the first museum to systematically focus on cinematographic and artistic VR. The new bimonthly series takes off in 2018 with work by Laurie Anderson, Marina Abramović and Tsai Ming-liang. The Xtended Experience – that of a cinematic 360° environment – invites individual viewers to become active participants and shape their own experiences. The VR installations are supported by a programme of film screenings, talk shows and events.

Interactive film experience is the latest trend in the art of the moving image. EYE’s new Xtended series demonstrates how VR technology and interactivity add fresh dimensions to our cinematic experience. As a museum focusing on past, present and future, extended reality is a major research interest for EYE.

Xtended offers a comprehensive programme, including artist’s talks, performances, exhibitions and musical performances to support the Extended Reality (XR) experience.  

Pioneer with VR in the museum world

With this multi-year series, EYE responds to the growing interest of artists, filmmakers and film festivals in the potential of virtual reality. The latest edition of the Venice Film Festival already devoted room to VR experience in its competition programme by offering more than twenty world premieres. 

EYE is a pioneer in the museum world in systematically devoting attention to VR as an art form of the moving image.

Internationally acclaimed artists and filmmakers

EYE Film Museum collaborates with internationally acclaimed artists and filmmakers to create its Xtended series. Whether they are engaged in poetical, psychological or political projects, the interactive experience is the key factor. VR installations trigger the senses, from seeing, hearing, touching to shared experience. The passive cinemagoer is immersed in sound and vision to become an active participant in an adaptable scenario.

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