EYE assists film professionals with a wide range of services and products.

Programmers, researchers, filmmakers and film restorers can turn to EYE for research, rentals, and expertise in the field of promotion. EYE rents out films, distributes classic and experimental films, develops educational programmes, and maintains the largest film library in the Netherlands.

  • eye international

    EYE International promotes Dutch films abroad, and ensures that these films can be seen at festivals.

  • education

    Our education department develops film programmes, workshops, teaching materials, and tours.

  • archival loans

    The department of archival loans lends out restorations made by EYE, as well as other films, to archives and festivals around the world.

  • library

    EYE houses the largest film-related library in the Netherlands. This library is freely accessible to everyone.

  • film sales

    As a result of many years spent acquiring, conserving, and restoring films in a focused way, EYE now has a world-renowned film collection.

  • restoration and digitization

    EYE plays a pioneering role worldwide in the field of film restoration and digitization. 

  • distribution

    EYE rents out classic and contemporary films to Dutch cinemas.

  • photograph and poster service

    EYE can supply digital reproductions of photographs and posters.