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Film Trade Organisations in Holland

Rokin 91
1012 KL Amsterdam
tel. 020 4891129
fax. 020 6643707

Trade organisation for theatre-, film- and television actors.

Assistant Directors Club
Milo Rietvelt
H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 150-B
1096 AR Amsterdam
tel.  06 55801569

Trade organisation for assistant directors.

Vereniging Crewbelangen
Antwerpsestraat 16
2587 AG Den Haag
tel. 06 26030525
fax. 070 3651599

Trade organisation for crew members in film and television.

VERS (vereniging van Nieuwe Film- en Televisiemakers)
Postbus 3877
1001 AR Amsterdam
tel. 020 6226931

VERS (formerly the Association of New Film and Television Makers, or NFTVM) aims to connect young film and television makers with each other and with established colleagues. The association offers members information about work-related topics, through workshops, a website, newsletter and a monthly VERS evening.

Vereniging Nederlandse Animatie Producenten (VNAP)
Peter Lindhout
Secretariaat: NIAf St. Josephstraat 135
5017 GG Tilburg
tel. 013 5324075
fax. 013 5800057

VNAP looks after the collective and individual interests of animation producers and stimulates the animation industry in the Netherlands.

Kring van Nederlandse Filmjournalisten (KNF)
Postbus 10650
1001 ER Amsterdam
tel. 06 21534555

The Kring van Nederlandse Filmjournalisten (KNF, Circle of Dutch Film Journalists) looks after the interests of professional film journalism and is a point of contact for organisations and individuals from the Netherlands and abroad. Nearly all film journalists and critics that work in the Netherlands are connected to the KNF.

Directors of Media (formerly VAP)
Weteringschans 223
1017 XH Amsterdam
tel. 020 6278949

Trade association of different PR companies that work in various fields of media operations.

Nederlandse Beroepsvereniging van Film- en Televisiemakers (NBF)
Rokin 91
1012 KL Amsterdam
tel. 020 6646588
fax. 020 6643707

NBF, founded in 1952, is Holland's oldest and largest trade organisation for film- and televisionmakers. The organisation offers information, services and personal assistance to members and other trade associations in the film industry.

Nederlandse Vereniging van Producenten en Importeurs van beeld- en geluidsdragers (NVPI)
Wouter Rutten
Albertus Perkstraat 36
1217 NT Hilversum
tel. 035 6254411
fax. 035 6254410

NVPI is the trade organisation for the Dutch entertainment industry. The association represents the majority of Dutch record companies, video distributors, and game software-distributors in government, press, politics and relevant concertation networks.

Nederlandse vereniging van Cinema Editors (NCE)
Kuipersstraat 120G
1073ET Amsterdam
te. 020-4867159

NCE is and association where film editors from home and abroad can meet and inspire each other. The NCE concerns itself with the artisanal and substantive aspects of film editing, and works towards the professionalisation and development by organising lectures and seminar about the craft and special editors' meetings at film festivals.

Dutch Directors Guild (DDG)
Janette Kolkema
Rokin 91
1012 KL Amsterdam
tel. 020 6842807
fax. 020 6885299

Dutch Directors Guild looks after the socio-economical, copyright protection and individual interests of feature film, documentary and television directors in the Netherlands.

Nederlandse Vereniging van Bioscoopexploitanten (NVB)
Ron Sterk
Postbus 92098
1090 AB Amsterdam
tel. 020 4266100
fax. 020 4266110

NVB is the trade organisation for all cinema- and film theatre-proprietors in the Netherlands. The association looks after collective trade interests, promotion, professionalisation and communication in the broadest sense of the word.

Nederlandse Vereniging van Filmdistributeurs (NVF)
Michael C. Lambrechtsen
Postbus 59329
1040 KH Amsterdam
tel. 020 3868630 / 06 5357865
fax. 020 3868631

The Nederlandse Vereniging van Filmdistributeurs (Dutch Association of Film Distributors) looks after the interests of the affiliated film distributors in the Netherlands. NVF us a member of the Nederlandse Federatie voor de Cinematografie (NFC, Dutch Federation for Cinematography) and the Fédération Internationale des Associations de Distributeurs de films (FIAD).

Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers
Willemiek Seligmann
De Lairessestraat 125
1075 HH Amsterdam
tel. 020 6234296
fax. 020 6247755

Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers represents Dutch writers for film, television, radio, animation films and documentaries. The organisations works towards the professionalisation of this crafts, a better (legal) poisition for screenwriters and  further schooling of members. Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers is a chapter of the Vereniging van Schrijvers en Vertalers (VSenV, Association of Writers and Translators).

Nederlandse Federatie voor de Cinematografie (NFC)
PO Box 143
1180 AC Amstelveen
tel. 020 4266100
fax. 020 4266110

NFC is the federation of Nederlandse Vereniging van Bioscoopexploitanten (NVB, Dutch Association of Cinema Proprietors) and the Nederlandse Vereniging van Filmdistributeurs (NVF, Dutch Association of Film Distributors).

Filmproducenten Nederland
Korte Zoutkeetsgracht 2
1013 MC Amsterdam
tel. 020 6270061
fax. 020 6272040

Association of Dutch feature and documentary producers.

Netherlands Society of Cinematographers (NSC)
Postbus 94280
1090 GG Amsterdam
tel. 020 5277387
fax. 020 4212971

NSC is the trade organisation for  Dutch directors of photography and is associated with the Federatie Filmbelangen and IMAGO.

Federatie Filmbelangen
Rokin 91
1012 KL Amsterdam
tel. 020 4004306
fax. 020 6643707

Federatie Filmbelangen represents all trade organisations in the Dutch film industry.

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