group packages and tours

You can book an architectural tour of our building or on the exhibition, we also offer complete group packages for 10 to 40 people.

Discover the world of film together at EYE. You can choose between a tour of the temporary exhibition or a tour that zooms in on the building and the activities of EYE. Entrance fees and coffee or tea are included and we arrange everything for you ofcourse.

group package program

  • You can choose from a morning or an afternoon arrangement (beginning at either 10:30 or 14:30).
  • We will reserve a place in the restaurant, where you will be welcomed with a cup of coffee, tea, or a soft drink, as well as homemade madeleines.
  • After about half an hour, you will be picked up by a tour guide who will take you on a journey of discovery through this special building. You will also visit the Panorama, which is the permanent exhibition at EYE, where you will be introduced to the collection.
  • Your guided tour ends at the entrance to the exhibition space. Here everyone gets the opportunity to visit and enjoy the current exhibition, ‘Martin Scorsese - The Exhibition,’ at their own pace.
  • Round off your visit off with a trip to the museum shop, and enjoy a 10% discount on a fun souvenir.

The total duration of this program is about 2.5 hours. 

What the arrangement covers
  • Coffee, tea, or a soft drink along with two delicious homemade madeleines
  • A tour of the building and the Panorama (which takes about one hour)
  • An entrance ticket to the current exhibition
  • A 10% discount in the museum shop
  • A discount on the flipbook that you can have printed at the Panorama, for the reduced price of € 2,45 instead of the regular € 4,95. This is a fun souvenir to bring back home

Click here to book this package.

Tips for an extra special visit
  • Depending on the time of day, you can also combine your event with a lunch or dinner at our restaurant. The costs for this will be invoiced afterwards.
  • For lunch, we offer an arrangement consisting of soup with a roll, a ham and cheese toasted sandwich, plus a soft drink, juice, or coffee. The extra cost for this arrangement is € 19 per person. There is no special arrangement for dinner, but instead you can choose from the regular menu.
  • Of course, your group can also visit one of EYE’s films. The EYE film program is posted online one week in advance. On the site, you can purchase your film tickets directly. 

This arrangement costs € 24,50 per person.

Participants who have a Dutch museum card (Museumjaarkaart) get an € 5,40 discount off the package price; to get this discount, the Museumjaarkaart needs to be scanned upon your arrival at EYE. 

group tours of the exhibition

Via the cultural organization known as ARTTRA, you can also (separately) book a group tour of the current exhibition

contact ARTTRA

ARTTRA cultureel organisatie bureau

tel. +31(0)20-6259303

Individual and group tours of the building

A group tour of the building and the architecture of EYE can be reserved via the Gebouwengids.

There are also scheduled tours for individual participants on certain Saturdays. These tours focus on the architecture and on the building, and also include a tour of the Panorama. This roughly one-hour tour costs €11 per person. 

dates individual tours of the building
  • Saturday, 9 April, 2016 at 13:00 
contact Gebouwengids

Tel: 020 6231701
You can reserve a tour of EYE via:
You will receive a confirmation e-mail.