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Red beet soup with horseradish cream, Granny Smith and roasted almonds


Steak tartare (seasoned, 100 gr.) with deep-fried capers, roasted garlic bread crumbs, truffle mayonaise, tapioca caviar and herb salad


Ravioli stuffed with beef stew in clear oxtail broth, with braised calf's tongue

Fried scallops with creamy miso sauce, braised romanesco, hazelnuts and vene cress12,50
Codfish ceviche with avocado cream, pickled vegetables, radish and nachos11,50

Carpaccio of slowly cooked kohlrabi and pumpkin, with sage beurre noisette, manchego, pumpkin seeds and rose petal harissa



main dishes
Bavette with beurre 'café de Paris', vegetables "`a la bonne femme" (potato, celeriac, mushrooms, pickled onions and bacon) and fries22,50

Duck breast, fried on the skin, with braised Beluga lentils, fried celeriac, carrot cream, casava crisps, and Pedro Ximénez gravy


Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast, garlic croutons and fries

Steak tartare (seasoned, 140 gr.) with deep-fried capers, roasted garlic bread crumbs, truffle mayonnaise, tapioca caviar, herb salad and fries18,50
Fish of the day22,50
Red bream, fried on the skin, mashed La Ratte potatoes with arugula, pickled vegetables and tarragon beurre blanc22,50
Ravioli filled with Swiss Chard and goat cheese, with gorgonzola crumble, roasted walnuts and rucolacress18,50
Mushroom risotto with fried mushrooms, truffle beurre blanc, and Parmesan cookie18,75



Cheese platter: Pont d'Yeu (goat), Camembert (cow), Chartreux (cow), Epoisses Fermier (cow) and Queso Azul (sheep and cow) with fruit chutney and fruit bread


Forest fruit and sea-buckthorn ganache with white chocolate, pecan cake and salted caramel

Poire Belle Hélène with chocolate cream, lime cream, vanilla ice-cream and chocolate crumble8,75

Warm "moelleux au chocolat" with kalamansi foam and vanilla ice-cream

Mango and blood orange flan with liquorice crumble and fresh blood orange8,75
Ice-cream, three scoops (vanilla, pistachio, passion fruit, lemon, strawberry)7,50
Homemade Madeleine (per 2)4,00

Chocolate chip cookie (homemade)

Tony's Chocolonely chocolate (milk, dark, dark with almonds and sea salt or milk with caramel and sea salt, 50 gram)3,00



lunch menu


Artisinal bread with: 
Young cheese5,75
Matured cheese5,75
Baba ganoush with smoked burrata cream, roasted cherry tomatoes and crazy pea8,50
Sweet potato hummus with roasted pumpkin, arugula, pumpkin seeds and goat cheese8,75
"Ossenworst" (raw beef sausage) with sour onions, truffle mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese and pine nuts10,50
Homemade tuna salad with sundried tomatoes9,50
Smoked salmon with zucchini tzaziki, deep-fried capers and sour red onion10,75
Tosti cheese or ham/cheese on artisinal bread5,50
Croque monsieur6,75
Veal croquette by Holtkamp with bread (1 or 2 pcs)4,75/ 9,50
Dutch shrimp croquette by Holtkamp with bread (1 or 2 pcs)4,95 / 9,90
Mini cheese croquettes by Holtkamp with bread ( 1 or 2 pcs)5,25 / 6,95
Salad with figs, rocket, red fruit vinaigrette, mozzarella and pine nuts, with or without prosciutto crudo13,00/16,00 
Salad with marinated salmon, caper berries, green asparagus, garlic crouton and sour onion14,50
Warm dishes: 
Red beet soup with horseradish cream, Granny Smith and roasted almonds7,75
Ravioli filled with Swiss chard and goat cheese, with sage beurre noisette, gorgonzola crumble, roasted walnuts and arugula cress15,50
Hot dog with sauerkraut, jalapeño-tomatillo relish, deep fried onions and avocado mayonnaise8,75
Hamburger with Gruyère cheese, lettuce, sour onions, chipotle sauce and fries16,50


Apple pie by Kuyt / with wipped cream5,50/ 6,00
Lemon pie by Holtkamp5,50
Red Velvet pie by Holtkamp5,50
Carrot cake by Holtkamp5,50
Chocolate chip cookie3,00
Madeleine (homemade) per 24,00
Ice-cream (per scoop)(vanilla, pistachio, passion fruit, lemon, strawberry)2,50
Tony's Chocolonely bar of chocolate milk, dark, dark with almonds & sea salt or milk with caramel and sea salt, 50 gram)3,00


Snacks & drinks

"Bitterballen" (Dutch hot meat balls) (6pcs)6,75
Mini veggie spring rolls (6pcs)5,75
Cheese sticks, deep fried (6pcs)6,50
Mini shrimp croquettes (3pcs)7,75
"Vlammetjes" (deep-fried spicey snack with pork, 6 pcs)6,75
Assorted snacks (3 "bitterballen", 3 cheese sticks, 3 "bitterballen", 3 spring rolls, 3 shrimp croquettes)15,25
Assorted vegetarian snacks: 3 cheese sticks, 3 spring rolls, 3 samosas and 3 cheese croquettes15,00
Cheese platter of 5 cheeses with fruit bread and chutney12,75
Bread with hummus and bean-red bell pepper dip6,75
Yakitori (6pcs)6,75
Veggie samosas (6pcs)6,75
Red beet soup with horseradish cream, Granny Smith and roasted almonds7,75
Fries with mayonnaise3,75
Matured cheese "Reypenaer"5,25
Mixed nuts4,00


draft beer
Heineken 'vaasje' 5%3,25
Heineken 'fluitje' 5%2,90
EYE white beer, Homeland 5%4,50
De Koninck 5,2%4,75
Affligem blonde 6,8%4,75
Affligem double 6,8%4,75


bottled and canned beer
New England IPA, Troost 5,5% (canned beer)5,50
Karmeliet tripel 8%5,25
La Chouffe 8%5,25
Duvel 8,5%5,25
Sol 4,5%4,75
IJ white, brewery 't IJ 6,5%5,25
Zatte, brewery 't IJ 8%5,50
IPA, brewery 't IJ 7%5,25
Bloesem Blond, Gebrouwen door Vrouwen, 6,2%5,75
King Kong tripel, Cinema Brwers, 8%5,50
Dancing Dirty Pale Ale, Cinema Brewers, 5,3%5,50
Aspall Cider 5,5%5,75
Amstel Radler 2%4,00
Heineken 0,0%3,50
Erdinger <0,5%3,75
Playground IPA, vandeStreek, <0,5%5,25


Y Bitter by Holystook4,25
Willems Wermoed (red vermouth) with thyme and orange6,75
Willems Wermoed (white vermouth) with rosemary and lemon6,75
Royal Spritz (Willems Wermoed, cava, soda & orange)8,75


cocktails and gin & tonics
Moscow Mule9,00
Dark 'n' Stormy9,25
Tanqueray gin & Finley tonic8,25
Hendrick's gin & Fever Tree tonic11,75



Fresh white wines
Airen-Sauvignon Blanc-Verdejo 2018 (bio), Bodegas Latue, La Mancha, Spain4,7522,50
Grüner Veltliner Steinberz 2018, Waltner, Wagram, Austria5,7527,50
Pinot Grigio 2018, Erste+Neue, Alto Adige, Italy5,7527,50
Picquepoul 2018, Henri de Richemer, Languedoc, France 26,50
Chablis 2017 (bio), Domaine Garnier, chardonnay, Bourgogne, France 34,50
Sancerre 2018, Côtes des Embouffants, sauvignon blanc, Loire, France 33,50
Riesling Drei Steine 2017, Egon Schmitt, Pfalz, Germany 29,50
Schouwen-Duiveland Auxerrois-pinot gris 2018, Wijnhoeve De kleine Schorre, Netherlands 31,50
Cuvée XII 2018, Apostelhoeve, müller thurgau-auxerrois-pinot gris, Limburg, Netherlands6,5032,50
Sauvignon Blanc 2018, Greywacke, Marlborough, New Zealand 37,50


Full-bodied white wines
Chardonnay Révélation 2017, Badet Clément & co, Pays d'Oc, France5,7527,50
Gambellara Bocara 2018, Cavazza, garganega, Veneto, Italy5,7527,50
Saint-Aubin Premier Cru les Cortons 2013, Domaine Roux, chardonnay, Bourgogne, France 52,50
Pouilly-Fuissé 2016, Domaine Vessigaud, Chardonnay, Bourgogne, France 34,00
Condrieu Chéry 2016, Remi Niero, viognier, Rhône, France 51,50
Olivar 2015 (bio), Lorenzo e Roberto Cesconi, chardonnay-pinot bianco-pinot grigio, Trentino, Italy 37,00


Light red wines
Pinot Nero 2018, Erste+Neue, Alto Adige, Italy6,0029,50
Fleurie Cuvée Christal 2017, Domaine Coudert, gamay, Beaujolais, France 33,00
La Chapelle de Notre Dame 2015, Domaine Dubreuil-Fontaine, pinot noir, Bourgogne, France 33,00


Medium red wines
Cabernet Sauvignon 2017, Don Alexandro, Curico Valley, Chile4,7522,50
Cotes du Rhone 2018 (bio), Domaine des Chanssaud, grenache e.a., Rhône, France 28,50
Barbera d'Asti Avvocata 2018, Coppo, Piemonte, Italy 29,50
Etna Rosso Guardoilvento 2016, Caciorgna Pietro, nerello mascalese, Sicily, Italy 39,50


Full-bodied red wines
Rioja Club Privado 2017, Baron de Ley, tempranillo, Spain5,5027,00
Chianti Classico 2017, Brolio, sangiovese, Toscane, Italy6,5032,50
Brunello di Montalcino Riserva la Casa 2012, Caparzo, sangiovese, Toscane, Italy 57,00
Ribera del Duero Roble 2016, Figuero, tempranillo, Spain 28,50
Pomerol 2014, Chateaux Badine de la Patache, merlot-canernet franc, Bordeaux (Fr) 43,50
Priorat Coma d'en Romeu 2014, Celler Ardevol, syrah-cabernet sauvignon, Catalunya, Spain 33,50
Trumpeter Malbec 2017, Rutini, Mendoza, Argentina 29,00


Comtesse de Marion Pays d'Oc 2018, La Volière, grenache e.a., Pays d'Oc, France5,2526,50


Sparkling wines
Cava Brut Reserva (bio), Caves Bolet, macabeo-xarel-lo-parellada, Catalunya, Spain6,5029,50
Champagne Brut Grand Cru Blanc des Blancs, Denis Varnier, chardonnay, France 47,50
Champagne Brut Réserve, Taittinger, chardonnay-pinot noir-pinot meunier, France 62,50