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Eye walk

The Eye walk is a video tour for children aged 7 to 12 that brings exciting films to life.

© Co de Kruijf
© Co de Kruijf

With a tablet in hand, children take a fifteen-minute ‘video walk’ through the museum building. They follow various film characters who seem to be right in front of their eyes, in the very same room. In the Eye walk, children discover what makes a film exciting, and how films can trick the senses.

Eye walk features fragments from well-known films in our collection, such as the fantastic Voyage dans la lune by George Méliès, and the horror film Nosferatu. It also playfully explains how the special effects work in films such as Dolfje Weerwolfje and Star Wars.

The Eye walk ends by having the kids shoot a film scene for the Green Screen installation in the Panorama. The scene will later be sent by email, so you can share it with friends and family.

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Eye Walk
© Co de Kruijf
© Co de Kruijf
© Co de Kruijf
© Co de Kruijf


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The Eye walk has won two prizes: the New Media Awards (Best of Industry in the museum category) and the Highly Commended Prize from MuseumNext.

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