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Cineville tickets

You can use this webform to make Cineville reservations at EYE:

  • You can place reservations up until 6 hours before a screening starts;
  • Placing several reservations for one specific film - for different starting times, for example - is not permitted;
  • Tickets can be collected at our front desk from 90 minutes before the start of the film onwards;
  • 30 minutes before the start of the screening all reservations are cancelled;
  • You cannot make reservations for screenings that have already sold out;
  • Do you want to cancel earlier reservations, or do you have any questions? Please e-mail
  • Reservations are processed by hand; it could occur that a screening has sold out or that the limit for Cineville-reservations has been reached before your request has been processed. Your reservation is definite once you've received a confirmation e-mail.

Attention: without a valid Cineville card it is not possible to collect tickets at our box office. A reservation confirmation alone is not enough.

Please use the e-mail address your Cineville account is registered to.
Cineville-tickets are strictly for personal use. Therefore you can only book one ticket at a time.