Of course, EYE’s collection of film equipment contains many cameras, film reels, and projectors, but there is also focus on “pre-cinema objects”: the forerunners of cinema. These consist of a group of devices that have influenced the development of film recording and projection, the moving image, and how films are presented.

Examples include the magic lantern, which is about light and colour, and the zoetrope, which evokes the illusion of movement. The collection also contains recording and projection equipment for a very wide range of film formats, running all the way through film history.

Several of the best pieces are exhibited in EYE’s Panorama. There you’ll find some real eye-catchers, such as the shell-shaped mutoscope from around 1900, which is actually an automated flipbook. But there are also more inconspicuous “stars”, such as the Kinamo, a super-compact 35mm camera from 1924, which set in motion a revolution among amateur filmmakers.