The EYE depots store more than 62,000 kilometers of film – nearly 40,000 film titles. Conservation and restoration of the collection is one of EYE's most important tasks. For conservation and restoration we have won prestigious international awards.

Over more than seven decades, EYE has brought together a collection reflecting the most important aspects of film history. Many collections are unique in the world, such as the Desmet Collection and the collection of Dutch films.

The Desmet Collection consists of over 900 films which were shown in cinemas in the 1910s. The collection of Dutch films, the largest in the world, provides an overview of Dutch film history since 1898. Every year new productions are added to the collection.

These films come in a wide variety of formats, analogue as wel as digital. Most films are stored in the new Collection Centre in Amsterdam Noord, except the nitrate films. Nitrate film is the oldest type of film, but it is more vulnerable and more flammable than other film types and therefore stored in separate depots.

The collection is accessible through the collection catalog CE (Collection EYE). A large portion of the analogue film collection has already been digitized; these films can be viewed in the EYE Study.