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Dick Laan was a filmmaker and author of children's books. His father was a manufacturer in Zaandam.

In the 1910s, Dick Laan began making his first films: short adventure films starring the members of the Boy Scouts club ‘De Zwarte Pijl’ in Bloemendaal. Laan was also a member of this club. In his first films, Laan very much proves himself an inventive filmmaker. In the 1920s, he expanded his range of film activities, and also made a few short documentaries.

His great love for football was reflected in a few short films, and in the film Voetbal, which he made at the end of the 1920s. This film was screened at the Filmliga. In 1929, he followed this with a film made to commemorate the anniversary of the Koninklijke Haarlemse football club (HFC), one of the oldest clubs in the Netherlands. In the 1930s, Dick Laan increasingly concentrated on writing. At first he wrote books especially for boys, and the story lines of these books were connected to his films.

In 1939, he switched to children's books, and in that same year published his first book on the gnome called ‘Pinkeltje’. His 'Pinkeltje' books -- he wrote a total of 25 -- soon became a huge success.

During the Second World War, Laan made several amateur films that give a good picture of the Netherlands during the occupation.



  1. 1918
    Producer, Director, Camera
  2. 1918
    Director, Editing, Script writer, Producer, Camera
  3. 1918
  4. 1918
  5. 1918
  6. 1918
    Camera, Director, Script writer, Editing, Actor, Producer
  7. 1919
    Camera, Director, Editing, Producer
  8. 1919
    Producer, Director, Camera, Actor, Editing, Script writer
  9. 1919
    Director, Camera, Producer
  10. 1919
    Director, Camera, Producer
  11. 1919
    Camera, Director, Producer
  12. 1920
    Director, Camera, Producer
  13. 1920
    Producer, Director, Camera
  14. 1920
    Camera, Director, Producer
  15. 1920
    Camera, Producer, Director
  16. 1920
    Script writer, Actor, Producer, Director, Camera, Editing
  17. 1920
    Script writer, Camera, Producer, Actor, Editing, Director
  18. 1920
    Camera, Editing, Script writer, Producer, Director
  19. 1920
    Editing, Script writer, Producer, Director, Camera
  20. 1920
    Producer, Director, Camera
  21. 1920
    Producer, Director, Camera
  22. 1921
    Producer, Director, Camera, Script writer, Editing
  23. 1921
    Actor, Director, Script writer, Camera, Editing, Producer
  24. 1921
    Camera, Director, Producer
  25. 1922
    Producer, Director, Camera
  26. 1922
    Director, Camera, Producer
  27. 1922
    Producer, Director, Camera
  28. 1922
    Camera, Director, Producer
  29. 1922
    Camera, Producer, Director
  30. 1922
    Director, Producer, Camera
  31. 1922
    Producer, Director, Camera, Editing
  32. 1922
    Director, Camera, Producer, Editing
  33. 1922
    Producer, Director, Camera
  34. 1923
    Editing, Producer, Camera, Script writer, Director
  35. 1923
    Producer, Director, Camera
  36. 1923
    Producer, Director, Camera
  37. 1923
    Camera, Director, Producer
  38. 1924
    Camera, Editing, Director, Producer, Script writer
  39. 1924
    Director, Camera, Script writer, Editing, Producer
  40. 1925
    Producer, Camera, Script writer, Director, Editing
  41. 1925
    Director, Camera, Editing, Producer
  42. 1925
    Producer, Camera, Director, Editing, Script writer
  43. 1926
    Script writer, Camera, Director, Producer
  44. 1926
    Editing, Camera, Script writer, Director
  45. 1929
    Camera, Editing, Director, Producer, Script writer
  46. 1929
    Editing, Script writer, Director, Producer
  47. 1932
    Producer, Director

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