Jaap Pieters

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Jaap Pieters has been making short films since the early 1990s. These usually consist of a single shot, and have the duration of a Super8 tape, which means that they are about three and a half to four minutes long. In his films, Pieters documents a person or event that crosses the path of his lens, seemingly by coincidence. They are often intense exercises in looking.

The films are usually shot in the Amsterdam district of De Pijp, and give an image of the (seamy side of the) city. This has resulted Pieters being nicknamed ‘the eye of Amsterdam’.


  1. 1991
    Camera, Director
  2. 1993
    Camera, Editing, Producer
  3. 1994
    Camera, Director, Producer
  4. 1995
    Camera, Director, Producer
  5. 2004
    Camera, Director, Producer

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