M.H. Laddé

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The photographer Machiel Laddé was the son of the Amsterdam photographer and photography dealer J.W. Merkelbach. From roughly 1896 to 1906, he made several short feature films and documentaries in his Amsterdam film studio, called the Eerst Nederlandsch Atelier voor Bioscoop and Cimematograaf, M.H. Laddé & Co. in Buiksloot.

Ladde's earliest films are the first Dutch-made films. They were screened by travelling cinema operator Christian Slieker at the end of 1896. None of his films have been preserved.



  1. 1896
    Set dresser, Producer, Director, Camera
  2. 1896
    Producer, Camera, Director
  3. 1896
    Producer, Director, Camera
  4. 1899
    Director, Camera, Producer
  5. 1900
    Producer, Director

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