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On a regular basis, EYE pays special attention to parts of the collection, or to current events that have a link to the collection. In the dossiers below, you can find out more.


  • Jacques Verbeek and Karin Wiertz

    Ingenious analogue animations from drawings, photographs, and other artwork.

  • Theo Regout

    The travelogues of Theo Regout reached quite an audience outside of the cinema circuit. They show a candid adventurer.

  • Theo Frenkel

    As a director who had gained his experience abroad, Frenkel brought drama to the Dutch film.                                       

  • de Zeearend

    Two versions of a brilliant documentary film about a transatlantic sailing race that took place in 1936.                                                          

  • experimental film

    Experimental filmmakers investigate the medium and set the course for future generations.

  • coloured film

    At the beginning of the twentieth century, more and more coloured films were being shown. How were they made?

  • Desmet

    The archive of Jean Desmet is one of the most important components of the EYE collection. Why?

  • Amsterdam in the picture

    Four films about Amsterdam; restoration and digitization were made possible by crowdfunding.

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Film History NL is a reference guide to Dutch film history up until 1923, featuring films, film descriptions, people, and companies. A large collection of background articles provides additional context.

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