Discover film in Eye. Visit us for special film workshops, interactive film programs and tours in the exhibitions. Eye also brings the museum to your classroom with teaching tools and specialist advice.

why film education?

Film is a popular medium for discovering and understanding the world. Before children can read and write, they will often have already explored the world through moving images. Understanding the visual language of film has become an essential skill in our media-saturated society. Film also offers a wealth of possibilities as a cultural subject: film is art, film is entertainment and film is part of our cultural heritage. And like the other arts, film can move, entertain and make us think.

Film education is one of Eye’s key focuses. By stimulating passion for and knowledge of film by learning to understand (through analysis and reflection) and use (through production and selection) the medium of film (and related media), Eye aims to bring everyone in the Netherlands into contact with the various film education activities (watching films, making films, sharing films, experiencing films) at least once in his or her life.

Alongside programmes in the museum in Amsterdam, the Education Department also develops national film programmes and teaching materials for primary, secondary and further education. As a knowledge hub for the film sector, Eye provides advice to other institutes and stimulates the quality, cohesion and variety of film education both within the Netherlands and internationally. Eye Education works on the promotion of expertise by means of publications, training courses, seminars and debates, and by bringing suppliers and educators into contact with one another.

educational mission

Film education is one of Eye’s main points of focus. With the aim of encouraging a passion for and knowledge of film, by teaching the understanding (analysis and reflection) and use (production and selection) of film (and related media), Eye strives to bring everyone in the Netherlands in contact, at least once in his/her life, with the various activities of film education (i.e. watching, making, sharing, or otherwise experiencing films).

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