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At the Pictures

Children nowadays are surrounded by images, including the moving image, at an increasingly young age. At the Pictures helps preschool children to understand what they see and how film works better. They will become acquainted with cinema, the beauty of film and the power of visual language in a playful way.

© Nadine Maas
© Nadine Maas

Preschool children watch and ‘sense’ together in a playful way five short films in the large film theatre. Afterwards they will talk with the museum educator about everything they’ve seen. They will then be invited to play with shape, projection, shadow, movement and colour In the film theatre. The children’s film stories are then brought together in a large drawing.

The films in this unique film programme have been carefully selected by our Education Team and are geared to the experience of young children.

In collaboration with Taartrovers.


This programme is only available in Dutch.


1 hour and 30 minutes


€ 175.- per class

Number of participants

Maximum 30 pupils

Number of supervisors

Bring a minimum of 4 supervisors per class. When booking, we always agree the final number with you. Access for supervisors is free

Key objectives

Artistic orientation: 54, 55 and 56

For whom

Group 1 and 2

Book programme

Please book at least four weeks in advance of the desired date.
If you have any questions, please contact

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