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Movie Magic

In this workshop, children get to explore and discover how to make still images move, and everything else that’s needed to make a film. In a playful way, they discover what a film actually is, and how your eyes can fool you.

Children discover the magic of film during the Movie Magic workshop
© Nadine Maas

In the Movie Magic workshop, the children play with optical illusions, light (projections), and stop-motion. They act out wordless roles and make their own "magic disk" that they can use to conjure up a fish in a fishbowl. The children work together in small groups on the different parts of the film. At the end of the workshop, we watch the stop-motion films, as well as the silent film that the children have made. We then discuss the enchanting experiences. The children take home the magic disk that they’ve made, and we send the video files to the group's teachers so that parents and other students can also enjoy the results of these little filmmakers.



100 minutes, including a short break


€ 225.- per class

Number of participants

Maximum 25 pupils

Number of supervisors

Please bring one supervisor for every five children. Entrance for the supervisors is free

Key goals

Artistic orientation: 54 and 56

For whom

Primary school groups 1 through 2

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