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Movie Make-up

In this workshop, the participants learn how to make realistic cinema wounds, such as an abrasion or a black eye. Participants will also learn various make-up techniques and will work with wax and fake blood. Based on film fragments, the make-up expert will show how you can use movie make-up to completely transform someone.

Workshop Grimeren (po)

Using film fragments, the museum teacher shows how actors are completely transformed with special effects make-up. The students discover the effect of make-up in major films and see how it makes a film even more real or exciting. Under the guidance of a make-up artist, they learn various techniques and use wax and fake blood, among other things. The students work together in pairs and practice on each other.



1 to 2 hours


€ 300 (1 hour); € 325 (1,5 hours); € 350 (2 hours) per class

Number of participants

Maximum 30 pupils

Number of supervisors

Please bring one supervisor for every 15 students. When booking, we will always discuss the definitive number of supervisors with you. Entrance for supervisors is free

For whom

Group 3 to 8

Core goals

Artistic Orientation: 54, 55 & 56

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Use the button on the right side to book this programme. Please book at least four weeks in advance of the desired date.
If you have any questions, please contact our education department: educatie@eyefilm.nl