On the edge of your seat

We’ve all had the experience of watching a film and finding you’re on the edge of your seat with bated breath. A real rollercoaster of a film.

On the Edge of Your Seat is an active programme with short films and assignments that enables pupils to discover the thrill factor of film. Is it the music? The story? The camera work? All the tricks used by filmmakers to get our hearts racing are carefully examined.

The power of visual language

We use viewing assignments and other assignments to explore the power of visual language. Schoolchildren are used to watching films and thinking about the story. But what do you see when you look closer? Teaching pupils to look at the moving image even better is an essential skill in today’s world.



1 hour and 15 minutes


€ 6,25 per pupil

Number of participants

60 maximum

Number of supervisors

Bring a supervisor for every 15 students. When booking, we always agree the final number with you. Access for supervisors is free.

For whom

Years 1-3 of vmbo-gl/tl, havo and vwo

Films in this programme

- 11:59 (NL, 2004, Johan Kramer)
- Lovefield (CA, 2008, Mathieu Ratthe)

Book programme

Use the button on the right side to book this programme. Please book at least four weeks in advance of the desired date.
If you have any questions, please contact our education department: educatie@eyefilm.nl