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Online events

For events that (partly) take place online, Eye also offers various possibilities. An advantage of online events is the possibility to invite even more people, for example when there are capacity or travel restrictions.

There are different forms of online events and therefore different possibilities. We are happy to explain these differences. Based on your wishes, we advise what would be suitable options at Eye.

Live stream

A live stream is a broadcast without interaction. Via a camera or webcam that is placed in the room, the online audience can watch live. For this, you can use a platform like Facebook Live or YouTube Live. At Eye, you can let your online audience watch a presentation or ceremony in one of the cinemas for example.

Webinar & webcast

During a webinar, the focus is on the online audience. There is no audience in the room. Interaction is possible, for example by means of chats, polls, or surveys. Did you know you can broadcast from Eye with the river IJ and Amsterdam Central Station in the background?

During a webcast, the audience is also present in the room and the broadcast is recorded. Because the recording will often be viewed online at a later time, little or no interaction with the online audience takes place.


A hybrid event is the most complete form. It includes a live broadcast with audience in the room, an online audience, ánd interaction. You can use various online platforms for this, such as Zoom, Webex, and Livestorm. A meeting at Eye can take place in hybrid form, for example in Room at the Top, IJ-Lounge, or Waterfront. You can easily invite additional online attendees; these meeting rooms are equipped with a webcam and microphone.