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Expected in 2019

3 June through 31 December 2019
William Kentridge, 10 Drawings for Projection - Tide Table (2003)

William Kentridge (3 June – 1 September 2019)

Exhibition of work by South African artist William Kentridge. On show are ten major pieces that Kentridge presented to Eye in 2015. The gift comprised 10 Drawings for Projection (1989-2011), which marked Kentridge’s breakthrough onto the international art scene in the 1990s. The generous donation followed the exhibition William Kentridge – If We Ever Get to Heaven, which ran from 25 April to 30 August 2015 at Eye. The Drawings for Projection are short films consisting of dozens of charcoal drawings in which Kentridge repeatedly adds, erases and redraws elements. He drew the first film in the series in 1989 and the last in 2011. The films offer insight both into the work of Kentridge and into life in South Africa after the abolition of apartheid. Loosely structured around two leading characters – property developer Soho Eckstein and Felix Teitlebaum, who bears a striking resemblance to the artist himself – the works show in an intriguing manner the problems, dilemmas and beauty of what is still a country torn apart.

  • William Kentridge, 10 Drawings for Projection - Tide Table (2003)

Attention: this exhibition is expected from 3 June through 31 December 2019.

A Tale of Hidden Histories

Chia-Wei HSU, Drones, Frosted Bats and the Testimony of the Deceased, four-channel video installation, 3’40 ~ 8’40’’, 2017 © Chia-Wei HSU

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Andrei Tarkovski (autumn 2019)

The Russian filmmaker and mystic Andrei Tarkovski (SolarisStalkerNostalgia) believed that art had to explain the meaning of life. Beyond the suffocating straitjacket of social-realist Soviet cinema, Tarkovski (1932–1986) managed to create a distinctive body of work in which he sketches human existence as a spiritual quest. In his work, he intertwines dreams and memories, the present and the past. The retrospective exhibition at Eye features fragments from his films on large screens. Also included is material from Tarkovski’s private archive that has never previously been shown. Accompanying the exhibition is an extensive programme of films, talks and events in the cinemas. Eye also holds the distribution rights to a number of Tarkovski’s films.

  • Andrei Tarkovski, Stalker (1979)

Francis Alÿs (winter 2019-2020)

Solo exhibition by artist-filmmaker Francis Alÿs, the winner of the fourth Eye Art & Film Prize. Born in Belgium in 1959, Alÿs trained as an architect and has lived in Mexico City since 1986. He started to record daily life in the city on film while on his many walks. Alÿs draws on a distinctive poetic and imaginative sensitivity to observe and question political and social realities – such as national borders and conflict zones. As one of the leading artists of his generation, Alÿs has compiled a complex and varied body of work that comprises video, painting, performance, drawing and photography.

  • Francis Alÿs, Reel/Unreel, 2011

Attention: this exhibition is expected. View the current exhibition A Tale of Hidden Histories