Buddhist Film Festival Europe

2 - 4 October 2015

The tenth anniversary edition of the Buddhist Film Festival Europe (BFFE) is dedicated to the theme of 'Compassion' and brings numerous unpredictable and inspirational films together. Films that touch you. Films that offer a perspective, and nurture us.
We look inward, and thus shape the world around us.

The festival opens with Golden Kingdom, a feature film from Myanmar (Burma). This edition shows many films from China, including the feature film My Mandala and several documentaries such as Hermits and One Mind that give a glimpse into a hidden world, or about Tzu Chi, the largest NGO in China, and the Chinese composer Guo Wenjing. Closing Film is Journey to the West by the celebrated Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-liang. 

In this edition Tibet shares their pain and the several films invoke the raising of awareness about the wish for freedom of all peoples.
There are also films from the early years when Buddhism settled in America, with diverse personalities in the 1960’s, such as the spiritual teacher Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), LSD researcher Timothy Leary, Zen pioneer Alan Watts and the beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti. 

BFFE honors BOS with a special tribute, the Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation that is now after fifteen years in its last year as an independent broadcaster within the Dutch public broadcasting system. 

On Sunday afternoon there is a panel discussion on the theme of compassion, with speakers including the neurosurgeon James Doty, director of Stanford University's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and angel Kyodo williams, African-American Zen master, writer, and political activist. Other panelists include the award-winning theater director Adelheid Roosen and philosopher Henk Oosterling, head of Rotterdam/Skill-city. 

The film Planetary explores the future of humanity and our planet. And art as a creative means for inner disarmament can be encountered in Beuys Frames, Marco Bagnoli and The Silent Sky Project. The abuse of religion and power are disclosed in films about the current situation in Myanmar. And a series of short films highlight various transformation processes including Bhutan, Zen garden and Alga del Mar.

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh we thank for his view of mankind as Inter-Being and we honor him by sharing his calligraphy on our flyers and poster, and with the film My Life is My Message. 

Festival director Babeth M. VanLoo was interviewed by Daphne Bunskoek September 18 in Café De Nieuwe Liefde:
(scroll forward 14 minuten for the start of the interview)

For more information visit the festival website: www.bffe.org

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