Buddhist Film Festival Europe 2019

27 - 29 September 2019

To soften what is suffering in your heart, that is what came up when I was reflecting on what we want to transmit to our audiences with our film festival. The theme of IDENTITY seems to resonate in society with a sense of urgency. That what we as human beings try to develop, our core potential which frees us from a fixed mind, towards a new culture that will be formed by men and women who are not afraid, not separating ourselves from others.

Yes, our films will address that in a diversity of approach and genre, from workshops on the Wisdom of Medicine or the Intelligence of Trees, a quest for Reincarnation, to a memorial hommage for Bernie Glassman, a special event and films on Tibet, the magical world of Bhutan, the unknown tradition of passionate music monks of China, looking thru a window into the shamanist and Buddhist art of Buryatia, on a trekking path of the Buddha in India, Art in Focus, and the wisdom of Zen and Buddhist teachers that can help us live our lives in contentment. So with immense joy, I invite you to abandon your addiction to social media or other distractions and join us for these true live events in the wonderful environment of Eye. SURRENDER…

-- Babeth M. VanLoo, director BFFE

[source: BFFE]

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