Cinedans FEST '20

25 - 30 March 2020

Upcoming March, Cinedans returns with the 17th international edition of Cinedans FEST at Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. Join us for a celebration of dance film as contemporary film genre – physical, visual and poetic – from the newest developments to its origin and evolution.

Cinedans FEST '20 presents works from all over the world and shows all dance styles and its correlating (sub)cultures. The selected dance films brush on a wide range of subjects like – gender diversity, mental and physical disabilities, environmental issues, and the meaning and history of black identity. Cinedans also awards a prize for Best Dance Film, presents an exhibition of interactive installations, and organises an in-depth programme for dance enthusiasts and professionals alike.

2020 highlights


We present five international short programmes and two New Dutch programmes. We're excited to present international and national film premieres accompanied by Q&As with international guests and filmmakers.


An exquisite selection of features and documentaries that give unique insights in the methods of choreographers and dancers, and shed light on special projects and dance styles.


Cinedans joins in with Black Light; a special programme focusing on black cinema curated by Eye Filmmuseum and Cinedans. We present dance films from the African continent and diaspora from the present and the past.

Black Light Dance: demolecture - Nita Liem & Funmi Adewole Foundation take you into the rich history of African dance and its influence on the development of contemporary (urban) dance styles.

Black Light Dance: Shorts programme - The shorts programme focuses on present-day Africa and shows work by young filmmakers from Africa and the diaspora. Curated by Azu Nwagbogu.

Black Light Dance: Beyond My Steps - This feature long film shows five dancers exploring the concepts of tradition, culture, memory, and identity.


Hong-Kong Asia / Jumping Frames

Exactly one year after the first protests against the limiting measures of the Chinese government in Hong Kong, Cinedans aims to shed light on the voices of local artists that chose dance film and virtual reality as their medium of expression.

XXXplicit Dance

Where are the borders of what constitutes a dance film? Inspired by the historic relationship between sex and dance we present special films from art collectives and directors who commit their work to the documentation of erotic dance with explicit sexual acts.

Deep Dive

In this programme, we present films that use bodies, objects, words and sceneries to tell sensory stories. Energy, sensuality, knowledge, desire, impulse and love are taking over the big screen and let us dive into unexpected realities.

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vr cancelled

As a safety precaution, Cinedans' virtual reality installations have been cancelled.


Saturday, 5 Sep 2020

  • 21:00
    5 Sep 2020
    Black Light
    film compilation

    Black Light Dance: Shorts

    compilation programme, NL 2020

    Cinedans hooks up with Black Light to present dance films from the African continent and the diaspora...

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