Dekmantel Festival

2 - 6 August 2017

When searching for new music, we often find treasures in places we’d never heard of before. We connect with and listen to artists that are completely new to us. We’ve learned that when you’re open to see what really exists on the other side, one is often rewarded with utter beauty. Unexpected turns can lead to sheer excitement.

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And excitement is exactly what we feel when planning a flawless festival day. Who’s playing where, when, for how long and what’s the running order? If he’s squeezed in between her and them, how will that affect the line of his set? What’s the perfect spot to be at, right now, within three hours, and during the final slot? Well, here’s to excitement: this is our timetable in full. Pick your favorites, find out what’s new, start planning.

We believe that music can be visionary and inspiring, rebellious and radical but above all, we believe that music can be an adventure. Welcome to Dekmantel Festival 2017.


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