Imagine Film Festival

11 - 21 April 2018

The Netherland’s largest festival for fantastic film will take place from Wednesday the 11th  to Saturday the 21st of April 2018 in EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam. Just like previous years, the 34th edition of the festival puts its focus on original and pioneering horror, science fiction and fantasy films.

Over the course of 11 days, Imagine Film Festival offers the capital more than 50 feature films and 35 short films with the fantastical at heart. Next to the film programme, the festival will zoom in on subjects like diversity both in front and behind the camera, and a broad variety of narrative forms, among which virtual reality.

Next to its film programme, Imagine offers an extensive programme of workshops, introductions to screenings, Q&A’s, masterclasses and an interactive exposition inspired by Joseph Campbell’s ‘The Hero’s Journey’. Also, festival visitors will be welcomed at the Imagine Film Festival café on the vide in EYE for a daily talk show.

The past:  Lanterna Magica
Curious about the way sci-fi, horror and fantasy were narrated in the past? Before cinema, fantastic stories were told using the so-called Lanterna Magica. This lantern projected images on the wall, using glass and a transparent image. At Imagine, this technique will be revived in a collaboration between Annet Duller and Wim Bos - collectors of magic lantern images - and Sahand Sahebdivandi from the Amsterdam storytellers collective Mezrab!

The future:   Virtual Reality
Next to old storytelling techniques, Imagine also takes a leap into the future using Virtual Reality: a young technology that evokes experiment in the moving image. Let your senses be tickled by this new technology. We present a programme of the best fantastic VR experiences of the past year.

Zeitgeist: remakes and reboots
Not only will we travel through time in the realm of techniques: we also invite you to explore the zeitgeist in remakes and reboots. In his audiovisual essay, with an abundance of film clips, Peet Gelderblom elaborates on the political and social aspects of the four versions that have been produced based on Jack Finney's novel The Body Snatchers from 1955.

The full programme will be revealed in the upcoming months and ticket sales start March 20th.

Het volledige programma wordt in februari 2018 bekend gemaakt en de kaartverkoop start op dinsdag 20 maart. (Imagine Film Festival)

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