Keep an Eye Filmacademie Festival

23 June - 1 July 2017

The Netherlands Film Academy’s Class of 2017 graduates with the 7th edition of the Keep an Eye Filmacademie Festival!

The Artistic Research Week of the Master of Film takes place from 23 - 28 June at EYE and Grootlab. This year's graduates will present the process and outcomes of their research. They are filmmakers and visual artists from all over the world, working with film. Grouped under the theme of Framing Traces, these 11 graduates will be sharing their cinematic explorations into memory, ethics, family structures and loneliness.

The programme consists of an exhibition and a programme with lectures, screenings, performances, work-in-progress, demonstrations and experiments.
From Tuesday 27 June to Saturday 1 July the documentaries, short films and commercials created by the bachelor students will have their premiers and first screenings. Throughout the festival there will be an exhibition of objects, designed by students of the Production Design department on the stairs at EYE. There will also be a in-depth presentation of the IMVFX students on Wednesday 28 June. 


The film screenings and live programme for the Artistic Research Week are free. Tickets can be collected at the EYE ticket desk starting the day before the event (max. 4 tickets per person per event). It is not possible to make reservations.
The exhibition at EYE and Grootlab is freely accessible.

The online ticket sales for the bachelor screenings starts on Monday 19 June. Tickets for the bachelor screenings from June 27th until July 1st are € 5,00 per block of 3 films. Tickets are available online and at the EYE ticket desk. The tickets are free for Cineville-members.

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