Taartrovers Film Festival

26 February - 4 March 2018

Taartrovers Film Festival, known previously as Fantastisch Kinderfilm Festival, is a festival for young children, packed with films and imagination. The festival aims to plant a seed with the young ones that will grow into a budding love for film and a first understanding of film literacy.

A much-needed skill in today’s world where children are more and more surrounded and fed by moving image and sound. At the festival, we want children to step into the story worlds of films and make full use of their own imagination when they do so.

They share their observations, experiences and arising creations with one another in the ‘Playground of the Imagination’, a whimsical set of interactive installations that stimulate all senses (daily 11.00 - 17.00).

It’s a conscious decision not to take them by the hand but to let them roam as freely as possible. There is no right or wrong route to take, no result that needs to be met. The children are the explorers and makers, trying things out as they go.

(Taartrovers Film Festival)

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