Taartrovers Film Festival 2019

Taartrovers Film Festival 2019

29 April - 5 May 2019

Taartrovers – loosely translated: ‘The Cake Robbers’ - is all about the imagination of young children. We develop and organise playful activities throughout the country and throughout the year. In April 2019, the new Taartrovers Film Festival Tour will start in three Dutch Cities: Groningen, Eindhoven and Amsterdam.

Come and see some films, some of which haven’t been screened in The Netherlands before; long and short, exciting and sweet, touching and funny. But at Taartrovers Film Festival, you won’t only see film, you can also discover, create and play. You will not only do this with your eyes but with all your senses.

Everyone who visits a film can also wander around in the Playground of Imagination. You can experiment with light in the darkness, with colour and shapes, and you can mess around with sand and water. With the help of stop-motion and pre-cinema installations, you can examine image and movement and combine sound with images and the other way around in our Soundhouse. In the studio, you can create your own film in a mini-theatre with props, costumes and a self-made décor. And of course, you will bake a cake, because eating can’t be missed!

The films that are screened at Taartrovers will take you off the beaten path and change your vision on the world around you.

[source: Taartrovers Film Festival]

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