• A Couple of Down and Outs
  • A Couple of Down and Outs
  • A Couple of Down and Outs

A Couple of Down and Outs

The young ex-Royal Horse Artillery serviceman Danny returns from WWI disillusioned; the daughter of a policeman is his lifeline. A Couple of Down and Outs is a small love story but also an indictment of British class society. Live musical accompaniment with adapted  British war and entertainment songs. Screened in Eye’s Shell Shock film programme about coping with trauma.  

Like so many soldiers who return from the horrors of trench warfare, Danny is completely disillusioned. Only the horse that once served him so loyally can count on his unconditional affection. To save the horse from being slaughtered, Danny takes a bold step: he robs it.

original wwi footage

A Couple of Down and Outs is a love story and social drama rolled into one, interspersed with documentary footage. The film features original footage from WWI, including footage from the Battle of Jutland. The film was restored by Eye (35mm).

With live musical accompaniment by the Martin de Ruiter trio: Martin de Ruiter (bandoneón), Elliot Muusses (electric guitar), Erik Winkelmann (contrabass).

Prior to the screening, veteran John de Roode will talk about the unconditional support of his KNGF-buddy dog Niels.

for 21 Apr 2019 16:00
with live musical accompaniment by the Martin de Ruiter trio