Amsterdam Art Weekend at IDFA: Welcome to the Other Side

Compilation of video art in collaboration with Amsterdam Art Weekend: Borrowed Time, WTC, Promise Prohibited, Work Horse, Establishing Eden, 120'.

Borrowed Time
Semâ Bekirovic (NL, 2014) 10'

A spellbinding record of a freedive in which calmness makes way for desperation. Nine minutes feel like an eternity, and you’ll never take breathing for granted again.


Emma van der Put (NL, 2016) 8'

A dispassionate record of rising tensions in the Noordwijk neighborhood of Brussels as refugees set up a tent camp in front of the World Trade Center.


Promise Prohibited
Mauricio Limón (MX, 2014) 20'

Captured in slow shots, this story of a love triangle is as unclear as the hybrid landscape it takes place in.


Work Horse
Charlotte Dumas (NL, 2015) 13'

An intimate portrait of a pair of draft horses that avoids attributing human qualities to animals, but rather encourages us to imagine life as an animal.


Establishing Eden
Margit Lukács and Persijn Broersen (NL, 2016) 11'

The paradise of Avatar and Lord of the Rings is transformed into a false reality, fractured and flattened before becoming a paradise once more.