Archive as a Place to Play – Research Lab: Master Filmacademie

Masters students from the Netherlands Film Academy worked together with South-African Artist in Residence Jyoti Mistry on colonial archive material about India, South Africa and Indonesia. EYE holds quite an extensive collection on the (visual) history of former colonies.  

The aim of the Lab is to suggest a pluralistic and intuitive filmic approach to archive film material. Rather than view this method as “remix” which has become increasingly popular as way of repurposing ‘found footage’ or archival material in a contemporary art practice – the students use the archival material as stimuli.

It’s a way of exploring the film material as repository, as a place to play, where there is pleasure in the possibilities of meaning-making rather than in defining or finding a singular, definitive meaning in the material. It’s the pleasure of imagining how ideas are held together through filmic representations and images.