BEYOND Biennial and EYE are organizing two unique nights full of interactive artworks, performances and short presentations.

The EYE nights will explore the boundaries of technology, of the human body and the limits of our perception. Not just by sitting and watching, but through interaction, experiences and experiments. The nights fit in seamlessly with the themes of the films of David Cronenberg, whose work is presented in the David Cronenberg exhibition at EYE this summer.

On September 13th we will literally enter and change the human body.

Artist Luis Fernandez will show his project BRAID. BRAID consists of headsets that enable you to influence the vestibular of the other. This interaction can take place between two people, or between a person and a virtual personality.

In the DIY Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) experiment a magnetic field is sent through the brain. TMS enables the stimulation or the shut-down of brain areas without cutting. Taking part in this experiment is at your own risk.

The E.E.G. kiss lab of artistduo Karen Lancel en Hermen Maat investigates how a kiss can be translated into data. Can we measure a kiss and what kissers feel together? Can we transfer a kiss and its intimacy online? Can we save our private kisses in a database to be used by others? Through performances and live kissing experiments with E.E.G. head sets to measure brainwaves, visitors of the festival will contribute to an ongoing research to develop a digital kiss ritual.

In the most recent project by Sander Veenhof it is possible to read the thoughts of people around us by using a hacked Google Glass.


BEYOND Biennial is a new event in Amsterdam that will transform the northern shore of the IJ into a temporary hub for everyone interested in the latest developments in new media, art, design, technology and science. The program will consists of an exhibition, performances, interactive installations, movie screenings and an exhilarating night program full of music.

Younger audiences can participate in an educational program.

BEYOND Biennial is an initiative of Transnatural, in close collaboration with Discovery Festival and partners EYE, Tolhuistuin and Paradiso Noord.



The Reality Shift exhibition: 17 – 26 September in the Tolhuistuin

Discovery Festival: 26 September in the Tolhuistuin