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BFFE: Why Not Now - Alan Watts

A documentary about the life and works of Alan Watts, the charismatic author and speaker who brought Eastern thought into popular culture in the 60’s in the US. The film follows his life-journey and philosophy as it emerged and was embraced by the youth of the 60s counter-culture and subsequent generations. Nearly 38 years after his death, the writings and recordings of Alan Watts continue to attract new audiences, and have reached millions through the Alan Watts Podcast and creative video posts on YouTube.

The documentary includes classic interviews, vintage film, art, and photographs to which we added contemporary footage of Japan and Big Sur, music by Garth Brooks, animation by Simpson's animator Eddie Rosas, and Japanese-style woodcut prints by Tom Killion, brought to life by special effects artist Bruce Walters.

The result is a refreshing and engaging look at Alan Watts in the language and media of his time, directed by his son, Mark Watts, a time machine that takes you back to the real heart of the revolution!

Screening with

Music and Life and other animated shorts 
Animated philosophy from the makers of South Park.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone
USA 2007
10 min