22 Feb 2018

Calendar slideshow

  • Ali Cherri, The Disquiet
    exhibition + film programme

    Trembling Landscapes

    Exhibition with work by eleven Arabic artists on the topic of landscape

  • Keep an Eye 2020
    2 through 7 October

    Keep an Eye Filmacademie Festival

    The class of 2020 of the Netherlands Film Academy graduates

  • Cinekid 2020
    10 through 16 October

    Cinekid 2020

    The largest film and media festival for kids between 3 and 14 years old

  • Tenet
    in glorious 70mm


    Christopher Nolan's new sci-fi spectacle Tenet is screened on 70mm in Eye

  • Black Light illustratie credit: Brian Elstak
    film programme

    Black Light

    Highlighting the representation of Black identity in film

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