• Alexander Ekman - PLAY SERIOUS
  • Alexander Ekman - PLAY SERIOUS
  • Alexander Ekman - PLAY SERIOUS

Cinedans - Alexander Ekman: PLAY SERIOUS

In Play Serious director T.M. Rives follows the Swedish choreographer Alexander Ekman during his first collaboration with the dancers of the prestigious Paris Opera Ballet for the performance Play. The documentary Play Serious shows the intensive work process, full of adversity and doubt, of a breath-taking performance of this talented choreographer.

Beforehand we present the short dance film Ekman's Concise Guide to Natural Movement by Ekman and T.M. Rives. Dance Film SF commissioned this short for SFDFF’s Co-Laboratory programme. It is neither concise, nor totally natural, but pure Ekman.

[source: Cinedans]

A combination ticket at a reduced price is available for the following screenings on 10 March:
12:30 Louise Lecavalier: In Motion
14:30 Alexander Ekman: PLAY SERIOUS
17:00 Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker: Mitten

Members of We Are Public visit this Cinedans programme for free.